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the boys.

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@kriswus omg so sorry. Gosh i feel like an idiot please forgive me. if their is one thing im good at its making people feel uncomfortable and embarassing myself. OMFG i sooooooooo sorry. oh gawd i could die of shame right now. sorry

@exoxo92 aw don't cry omgdjfshdhui they're all super happy with their current lives, escape squad is so much healthier and ot9 is so successful, so it's all for the best!

*screams bc crown is the first one that plays* your note :'( i'm so-- this playlist is just really lovely and it makes me wanna cry okay you've done your job right. thank you for the playlist

@kriswus unbelievable i cried when tears airport began bc i never heard it and yixing is my bias this is unbelievable how dare u make such a wonderful playlist how dare you