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The Disney Songs: Villain Edition


You can't stand them, but you can't have a movie without them.
Besides, their songs are pretty epic.

I've included some common as well as lesser known songs.
(I also included a song from Anastasia. It's not disney, but Rasputin is legit.)

Edit (10/27/11)- added new song

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Great mix! I loved hearing so many favourite villian's themes - esp. Gaston's, Rasputin (Anastasia has one of the best OSTs!!), "Vanessa's Song", "Mother Knows Best", and "In the Dark of the Night"!

I am often surprised that no one has included "Maleficent's Evil Spell" from Sleeping Beauty in their PL.

Should have definitely replace the non-Disney song with Hellfire from Hunchback of Notre Dame. Easily the most epic and breathtaking song Disney has ever put out.