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The mix have been created to put you on the same mood while we were creating the summer YIN jewelry collection s/s 2014.

Perfect for those long sunny mornings, nights with no ends, travels endlessly ,road ahead, fall in l o v e .

* Don't waste your time on internet, there's a big whole world out t h e r e .

Y. Jewelry xo
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Awesome playlist! as you say is perfect for travels endlessly and falling in love at the same time :)

By the way do you know how is called that tatto in the back? or where i can find what it means? I'm intrigued.

The tattoo is on our model's back. It was made in Thailand from bamboo stick which is really popular over there. It means so much personal and spiritual stuff for her. If you want full explanation about it , I can ask her for a complete details about the meanings. :)
Hope we help you a bit. xo

Hi, awesome playlist! :) I am also interested in the tattoo.. would it be possible to get the full explanation of what it means? :) thank you in advance!

I'd like to know the complete details about the tattoo and the meanings. Its awesome, also the picture and also the playlist!