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Remix Top Picks


I don't really LIKE remixes...

But if I was forced to choose a few, then here are my top picks.

PS These remix styles range from mashups, dubsteps, acapellas, tributes, and the like.


  • "Alone Together Is Gospel" by FOB/P!ATD Collab
  • Crushcrushcrush (Studio Acapella) by Paramore
  • Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Than You (Daft Punk Vs Steven Universe) by RoOckWayne
  • Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Seven Nation Army (The White Stripes vs. Eurythmics) by DJ Poly
  • Hello Kitty (Metal Version) [Remix by FlexO] by Avril Lavigne
  • Partition String Quartet Arrangement by Beyonce
  • Telemiscommunications [Zodiac's Remix] by Deadmau5 feat. Imogen Heap
  • Fancy vs I Can't Decide by DJ Sage Of Awesome
  • 『 Corpse Party 』Chapter 2 Remix by Neku ネク
  • Uptown Shrek by Psycosis
10 tracks
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