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Yoga Asana Mix #03

5 comments on Yoga Asana Mix #03

thank you for this mix! I've been struggling to find relaxing non-instrumental studying musics and I'm glad I've found this mix! Worked for me pretty well

Isn't it great to reach so far....Arkansas and beyond. Santa Barbara and beyond....we all love your mixes!! :)

Not that I do not love chants and brainwaves. I love them so much that all my yoga mixes end up there. So thank you for showing me some really great new artists.

I know what you mean... it is challenging to find non yoga music for yoga, but very rewarding when a mix of non yoga music comes together.

I am a yoga instructor living in Little Rock AR and I have been really enjoying all of your Asana mixes in my home practice and in the studio. Thank you SO much. They are great. Not to down tempo, not all chants and brainwaves ;)

Excellent ! Thank you!