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it's a good thing we have forever together bc i have so many more songs i need to put on a mix for u. we'll be 80 i'll be like, "baby,,, check out this sikk new fukkin mix i made for u" so brace yourself. i'm sure even then we'll be just as gay and emo. and i know i'll be just as in love with u as i am now. if anything, i'll be more in love u. if that's even possible. i'm in love with the way u say my name. i'm in love with the way u get excited every time rock lee shows up in naruto. i'm in love with all of ur memes. i'm in love with all of our inside jokes and late nights spent laughing at an itachi chat bot until i'm in tears. i'm in love with ur kind and selfless heart. i'm just wildly in love with you, cherry.
love (from the edg of spac and back),
olivia aka ur datebro

10 tracks
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