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my cherbear


cherry!!!!!!!!!!! my angle!!!!!!!!!!!! happy birthday to u. this is just a gay ass mix for my gay ass bday boy. i had to pick a nice kinky taegi choking pic aka the best part of the bst choreo. anyway,,,,,,, ik 8tracks is homophobic and has a word limit to this description thing so i'm gonna keep it short. cherry, i love u. i feel like i don't say it enough. i just need u to know that i love u and that i'll never stop being here for u. ur my (dwayne the) rock (johnson) and i can't picture a life without u in it. i mean, i guess i can but it'd suck ass. i want to spend the rest of my life with u so we can grow old and knit and play bingo and have walker races and be that rly old couple that's grossly in love after 50 years. i love u to the edg of spac and back, cherry. forever and always.

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