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the ultimate megamix of study tracks from (essentially) everywhere
for all your closet mugging needs

photo by hallucinaticgirls on tumblr
[ mix is no longer a wip ]

side note:
please leave a comment (kudasai) if you feel the mix is missing any tracks bc im planning to make this the biggest compilation yet of (anime) study tracks!! (seems like the mix did not missed any tracks LOL but please suggest so i can prepare another huge 4-5h compilation sooner--for your enjoyment!)

edit (11/1/16):
appreciation post for everyone who supported my mix! http://pastebin.com/TUpXdkZ8 if you wanna reaad :')

87 tracks
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@windyday you're too kind!! *gushes* tysm for the appreciation,, this took me countless of hours to compile and upload so hearing all these sure makes me feel that my effort was not wasted! yoshi!