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Favourite Trance for 2014


25 tracks from ASOT 650~690 + 1 classic track

  • Secret (Original Mix) by Heatbeat & Quilla
  • The Loneliest Place (Arisen Flame Remix) by Steve Nyman & Paulina Dubaj
  • Explorer ****TUNE OF THE WEEK**** [A State Of Trance Episode 672] [OUT NOW!] by Arisen Flame
  • Gravity (Sneijder Remix) by Sied Van Riel Featuring Alicia Madison
  • Haunted (Rodg Private Mix) [Tune of the Week ASOT689] by Beyoncé
  • Help Me Find (Original Mix) by IRA & Ana Criado
  • Burn The Sun [A State Of Trance 656] [OUT NOW!] by Tommy Johnson feat. Nanje Nowack
  • Between Empires [A State Of Trance 656] by Soarsweep
  • Lost All My Tears [A State Of Trance Episode 659] [OUT NOW!] by Neptune Project
  • Feeling This Way (Bryan Kearney & Adam Ellis Remix) by AdamEllisDJ
  • Lifetime Change [A State Of Trance Episode 663] by Denis Kenzo & Alexandra Badoi
  • Saved You [A State Of Trance Episode 665] [OUT NOW!] by Yuri Kane feat. Melissa Loretta
  • this Time ( Wach remix) ASOT 665 &667 &future favorite ASOT668 ,ASOT674 RIP by Philippe EL Sisi & Abstract vision Feat Jilliana Danise
  • Perfect Run (Kaimo K Mashup)[ASOT #665] by Allen & Envy and Elles de Graaf
  • Shine Forever [A State Of Trance Episode 669] [OUT NOW!] by Cosmic Gate & Alexander Popov
  • Touch Me (Mike Koglin 2.0 Remix) [ASOT681] by Paul Oakenfold & Cassandra Fox
  • New Era (Puma Scorz Remix) ASOT681 CUT by Nikolay Kempinskiy Feat Love Dimension
  • White Wave (Original Mix) OUT NOW! by Aly & Fila
  • Deep In My Heart **TUNE OF THE WEEK** [ASOT683] [OUT NOW!] by Denis Kenzo & Sveta B.
  • In And Out Of Love (Feat. Sharon) by Armin van Buuren
20 tracks