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love, leaf, star, sea


A gigolas fanmix with a little twist - none of the songs are in English. Make sure to check out the songs' annotation for comments! For complete lyrics and translations of the songs go here (, and if you like it and you wish to share it, here is the playlist on tumblr ( Cover art by Ted Nasmith.

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A couple corrections to Chanson de toile: "Au soir et au levant" is "in evening and at sunrise"; "Nul ne part en guerre | pour revenir solitaire" is "No one sets out for war | (meaning) to come back alone" rather than "Nowhere in war". This is a wonderful mix. As a French lady, I'm always damn excited to hear my mother tongue in a mix, and I looooove Émilie Simooooon! *swoon* This song works perfectly for them, too. Prinzessin too. Heck, all of them!! Konna ni, Konna ni chikaku... And Otsuka Ai! *squeals like a high schooler* Damn, all my favourite languages! Well, French and Japanese, mostly. :D Ahh, "Kimi wa mou inai" Nope! I'm not okay! *hides under a rock*

@Elenorasweet Yay! Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoy the mix, and thanks a lot for the corrections, I've modified the post. :DDD And yes, most fanmixes only have songs in English, so I wanted to make this playlist with songs in other languages. :) I love Emilie Simon too! She's really awesome. Anyway, thanks a lot for your comment, it totally made my day. :D