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so in love with your voice, girl.


damn, all this girls.
all this girls' voices.
i just can't.
just no.
i'm done.

(i'd kill to sing like them. such beautiful, powerful and amazing voices they've got, don't you think? please: don't stop listening. maybe they're not your favs, maybe they are, but i guarantee you'll sing along to most of all this songs. classic, oldies, some broadway and nowadays hits, that's the order i attempted for this mix. hope you guys like it. enjoy).

30 tracks
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This is an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING playlist. I am at the 6th song but i am quite sure you will positively surprise me up to the very end. I was supposed to go out with friends today. I rain-checked because of the playlist!!! Awesome job

It's amazing, i've been listening for hours and i definitely don't want it to end. if only i werent have to sleep now. tomorrow im gonna listen it all again and listen all the perfect songs and voices. thank you for this, really.