41 comments on Nightcall by youneedtostrut

i fell in love with this from the moment i saw the graphic. this mix is everything i've ever wanted, thank you so much

i wish i could give this 90000 likes. each song a gem, flow to die for, cover art on point. you do a great job of taking something that could be really hokey and making it vibe. SO well played.

I LOVE THIS. First of all, the art is amazing and has that slightly cheesy '80s vibe I love. If I was browsing through a thrift shop's dilapidated music section, I can totes imagine it in an old waterlogged cardboard box all scuffed up and worn. And I would definitely purchase it. In fact, I wish I could have it in physical form BECAUSE I LOVE IT SO DARN MUCH. I can't say enough good things about this mix. The tracklisting is incredible. I enjoy the progression of the tracks immensely; it starts off a bit slow and downtempo then picks up at just the right pace to a grooving vibe before it peters back down smoothly. It evolves damned nice and natural. I think the sequence of tracks in a mix is incredibly important and this seems very thoughtfully chosen. The development of the music makes it perfect for any situation needing tunes; I can see myself putting this on when I am getting ready, exercising, studying, driving, etc. It is a versatile playlist for a host of needs. On the genre/tracks, I am not terribly familiar with it/them, mostly due to lack of exposure. However, I am certainly inspired to find more songs with that cyberpunk feel now. I think that kinda electronic/industrial sci-fi vibe aligns well with the vaguely mechanical sense of the ghost, the Winter Soldier, so clearly this mix is perfect. When Henry Jackman's "Winter Soldier" came on, I swear I got chills. I always get chills when I listen to that song, but to have it closing such a flawless playlist was divine. Overall, I give this a standing ovation, complete with ringing applause and a shower of flung flowers. I love love love it. It'll be cycling through my life that's for sure. [P.S. I noticed that "Nightcall" by Kavinsky appears to have been removed. (Insert frowny face here.) I really love that song and it fit so well, so it's a bit saddening that it is gone.]

RIGHTEOUS (80's slang is gr8, isn't it?). This fanmix encapsulates such a fantastic and colourful mix that is definitely suited for an 80's style cyberpunk movie. I love it (and you).

Oh my metal gods, I have finally found my next work mix. I wish I could get it as that CD, but this is the closest thing.

i was sold on the album art alone and then i saw the tracklist and knew this was one of the greatest mixes ever made. I now know I was right, you just killed it with this mix, so great. 80s movie winter soldier is the best winter soldier

Thanks! I accidentally put a track name in the description when I edited it to include a link to the original Tumblr post and 8tracks unpublished it as a result, but I fixed it so it should be all better now! Glad you like the CD design; tried to go for the cheesy 80's vibe!