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I feel that the sad song flowing in my ears
might stop my heart that sank
The soul of love that isn’t leaving captures me again

  • My Solace by 나만의 위로
  • Time (Woohyun Solo) by ∞INFINITE∞
  • A Person Like Tears by Changmin
  • 十二月的奇跡 (Miracles in December) by EXO
  • Love Is Like Snowflake by JYJ Junsu 'The Innocent Man' OST
  • Melancholic Letter by 종현
  • ナランサラム / 나란 사람 (A Person Like Me) by INFINITE
  • Confession [Paradise Ranch OST] by DBSK Changmin
  • AM by XIA Junsu
  • 떠나지 못해 Sleepless Night by SHINee
  • November With Love (11월...그리고) (Yunho Solo) by TVXQ
  • Kim Sunggyu(Only Tears) (Acoustic ver) by Yuninda Mutiara
  • Kim JaeJoong by Kim Jaejoong
  • Selene 6.23 by SHINee
  • Toki wo tomete by l0v3l0v3_ce
  • Love in the ice (jap. vers.) by TVXQ
16 tracks
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