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write me off, give up on me.


This playlist is dedicated to the pairing of Megatron x Starscream from Transformers.
The songs are mostly Starscream-related, but they are about Megatron, too. It depends on how you view their relationship. This playlist is about Megatron not wanting to love Starscream & treats him like garbage & Starscream feeling like trash & wants Megatron to see him as a Decepticon of worth.

Most of the songs are about hating loving someone or not being good enough.
Hating loving someone = Megatron
Not being good enough = Starscream

Also I'm very gay for these two & I think they both deserve better.

The cover art of the playlist is NOT mine!
The original piece is here: http://bumblesnee.deviantart.com/art/Wait-what-340788808!

Trigger warning for slight swearing in a few songs!

16 tracks