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it's more than just a band...


from nine strangers to four best friends who love their fans and each other...

a little fanmix about my favorite group of all times. when i first met them, they were six dorks who made me smile; now it's four dorks who are silly, adorable idiots and young at heart and make me laugh, cry, and flail. i love them and no matter what happens, they will be in my heart forever.

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I find the songs you choose so relevant for our group that I made an edit on Tumblr based on More than a band. I really liked Lemonade Mouth when I saw it a few years ago so I was even more moved when I heard it in your playlist! I had to say it now that I did this edit.. Thank you :)

you made an edit based on the song? wow! when i first heard that song, it immediately reminded me of NEWS! ^^ wah! thank you so much for this comment though! i'm glad you liked my playlist! it was fun to make it XD

also, you probably don't care but i'm making a shige mix right now too! (i needed to say this or else my chest will explode! XD) so this comment just gave me for reason to post it! thank you so much again!<3

Yes, as I just watched the 10th anniversary concert, I'm currently very emotionnal about NEWS... I mean more than I used to be. When I saw it, I said to myself the song "More than a band" really does fit NEWS so I did a small edit on Tumblr yay.. Of course, I put the link of your playlist with it!

Ooooooooooooh a shige mix ** I'm looking forward your future mixes!
And you don't have to be thankful, I'm the thankful one xD <3
Do you have a Twitter account or a Tumblr? I really would like to know when your playlist will be posted~

i am so sorrryyy for the late replyyy! D: anyway, you can follow me on twitter @killuachiix :D it'd be nice to have more NEWS friends and bond over these adorable idiots! ^^

anyway, i want to post this shige mix around his birthday cause i love him so much <3 ^^