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Ares: Into Madness


Ares, the God of War, son of the Goddess Hera and Lord of The Gods, Zeus. At a young age he was trapped by twin Giants known as the Aloadae. They trapped him in an urn for 13 months and he was driven mad from it. His brother, Hermes eventually rescued him from the urn. His sister, Artemis later killed the giants. Ares has always been disliked by his father, Zeus, for his bloodthirsty nature. Loved by the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, whom he loves in return. He has lived a hard immortal life. He's always wanted his father's love, because he's never felt it. He's a conflicted and tortured soul, who goes into fits of madness and rage, aside from his love for Aphrodite, battle tends to be his only cure for his bloodthirsty nature.

**Art by Ludovisi.**

18 tracks
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