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Brunhilde & Siegfried: The Downfall & Rise


The Valkyrie Brunhilde, daughter of Odin is cast down by her father. Odin takes away his daughter's Godhood when she disobeys him. He punishes her by making her mortal and wife to any brave man who does not fear the point of his spear. He encircles her in a fire and puts her into a deep sleep. The hero Siegfried discovers her and the two become man and wife and love each other deeply. He is later tricked into drinking a potion, which makes him forget his wife. He marries another and she is forced into a marriage with a king. A cursed ring leads to the downfall of the lovers. Siegfried's death causes Brunhilde to bring about the destruction of the Gods as she lights the cursed ring and herself aflame by riding her horse onto Siegfried's pyre.

**Art by Arthur Rackham.**

32 tracks
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