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Cupid & Psyche: Love & Soul United


Cupid, the God of Desire, son of Venus, the Goddess of Love is asked by his mother to shoot one of his love arrows at a mortal girl, Psyche, in an attempt to get her to fall in love with a lowly creature. He attempts to follow his mother's orders, but accidentally pricks himself with one of his own arrows. He falls madly in love with Psyche. He marries her in secret and she's not allowed to see him. One night she holds a candle to her husband's face, upset, he flees. She searches for him, following Venus' orders. She carries Pandora's Box, but opens it. It puts her into a death like sleep. Cupid sees her and saves her. He asks Zeus to make her an immortal, so love and soul can be united forever.

**Art by Annie Synnerton.**

17 tracks
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