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Penthesilea: The Daughter of War & Achilles: The Greek Hero


Penthesilea was the daughter of the God of War, Ares. Her mother was the Amazonian Queen, Otrera. She was granddaughter to Eurus (the east wind). During a hunt, she accidentally killed her sister, Hippolyta, with a spear or arrow. Both sisters were Amazonian Queens. Incredibly remorseful over her actions that caused her sister's death, Penthesilea felt the only way to purify herself was by fighting in the Trojan War and dying a heroic death. She killed countless men on the battlefield, but was eventually killed by Achilles who instantly regretted his actions as he fell deeply in love when they had locked eyes just before her death. He had helped her to fulfill her wish to die a heroic death.

**Art by Henry Justice Ford.**

22 tracks
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