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"whenever i'm sad, i gain strength from looking at you". (yoongi to hoseok)


ps: i put all the songs that remind me of you (♡) in this playlist, or just songs that i hope will make you happy somehow when you listen to them. (^ー^) well, hope you like it, i love you soooo very much and i just want you to know that i'm here for you and i always will be, no matter what happens. xx

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i love you. i hope you know that 'cause is one of the most truth phrases that i've said since ever. thank you for being this girl [amazing, sweet, best virtual friend...] ♡

@pinkygemini I JUST REALIZED I DIDN'T RESPOND TO SUCH A BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING COMMENT OMG IM SORRY IM SO STUPID IS2G AHGKSDFHFKHG i love you so much words cannot describe, thank you for supporting and caring about me although sometimes i don't deserve it at all. i'll stay with you till the end <3