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'England, 1941 - Armitage Hux, pilot in the Royal Air Force, has finally gotten command of his own squadron. But instead of a group of well-trained British pilots, he gets twelve inexperienced American volunteers. Among them is Ben Solo, a talented young fighter pilot who would be the best in the squadron if it wasn’t for his temper. As they take to the skies, Hux and Ben find themselves forming an illicit, but powerful bond against the backdrop of a world at war.'

For the absolutely breathtaking fic 'Flyboys' by Gefionne (: http://archiveofourown.org/works/8668108/chapters/19870894). Not all songs are 100% historically accurate (sorry!) but tried to keep the vibe of the time. As the story updates I would love to update this alongside! Thank you so much Gefionne for your hard work!

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