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November Will Be Awesome


Because October sucked.

  • The Wonder Years by Jon Bellion
    Because nothing prepares us for life from childhood. There's an art to living, and sometimes I think creating a family could be cathartic.
  • Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon & Garfunkle
    "Your time has come to shine All your dreams are on their way"
  • Swim Good by Frank Ocean
    We all have our own hopes and dreams and fears, and we must believe.
  • Melody by Kate Earl
    I think I got this song as a free download from Starbucks, but it wasn't until two years later when I had loaded my iPod for a walk that I actually listened to the song for the fist time. The lyrics reminded me of what's inside of me.
  • Rise by Eddie Vedder
    We all have a little bit of Christopher McCandless in us.
  • Losers (Extended Version) by Robbie Williams
    This is my favorite song right now. It has so many good messages. I love Robbie Williams. The guy has been to hell and back and is worth about 400 mil. He wrote this in his forties; lots of wisdom here. Pure songwriting.
  • Angeles by Elliott Smith
    A beautiful man.
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