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Moonlit lullabies


"You’ve got the moon on your pyjamas
And the stars in your eyes
Sweet child you’re a dream in disguise
Angels on silver strings hang from above
Let love and laughter shine wherever you go"
(Moon on your pyjamas / Paul Weller)

12 tracks
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1 The Moon Saves Us / Cubismo Grafico
2 Lullaby from Street Lights / Predawn
3 Lua Lua Lua / Caetano Veloso
4 Where You've Been Hiding / Architecture In Helsinki
5 Moon On Your Pyjamas / Paul Weller
6 Moonlight In Vermont / Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong
7 Everyone's Gone To The Moon / Nina Simone
8 Grapefruit Moon / Tom Waits
9 Lullaby / Jack Johnson feat. Matt Costa
10 Asleep / Stars
11 Moon River / The Innocence Mission