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Serendipity = ME ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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This was pretty awesome and I actually like almost all songs on this list. A bit of jazz added to it and it'd be perfect. Great job - it's been a pleasant few hours with this music!

@MissDiamond Thanks :-)! I hope you would enjoy listening to this playlist. I'm not really familiar with jazz. Can introduce some jazz songs to me? :D Thank you so much.

@yytyc Actually, I'm not like super familiar with jazz either and I don't really have any favourites or anything like that... I kind of just search on "jazz" here on 8tracks and just enjoy one of the playlists as background noise when I do something else :D That means there could be blues or soul or some other genre blended into the mix as well... But I do like Rachael Prices "What I'm Doing Here" - maybe check that out?