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A Tale 0f Eternal Servitude


"I've traveled thr0ugh time t0 bring cha0s and desctructi0n.
I've m0lded my entire civilization with the purp0se t0 bring it d0wn.
My s0le presence departed armies, leaving s0ldiers trembling 0n their knees.
F0r eternity I've endured serving this vici0us dem0n and his spiteful puppet.
I've been f0rced t0 d0 it all.
But all I've ever wanted was t0 be set free fr0m this h0rrend0us fate I was destined t0 face.
And as time brings everything t0 an end...
Likewise it did t0 me."

Image credit: https://ifunny.co/fun/s7hgKGnh3?gallery=tag&query=HandMaid

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