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Indie rock ain't dead its just really good at hiding № 3


Just in case you thought the past few months for indie were boring... here is a playlist highlighting what you missed. Featuring new songs from The Wombats, Urban Cone and San Cisco and a few forgotten gems too. Wanted to release this mix a bit later but I got too excited making it so here it is guys!

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45 tracks
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Thanks for another edition of the "indie rock ain't dead", some really good tunes here, always appreciate the time and effot kids, keep it up, yo!

@indiekids. Oh no I wasn't criticising your choice of songs atall, I think your mixes are great. I was referring to somebody that said "indie is never boring" when at times it has become boring, just like most other music has and does. You're mixes definitely aren't boring though :)

I disagree Nymisha, I wouldn't exactly call it boring but ALL music within a genre sounds exactly the same these days, no individual distinguishable sound. That has made music in general become boring in a way. This is a good mix though.

@philm20 Thanks for the input! I guess the description might be a little misleading what I really meant to say was if you are tired of hearing the same songs on every playlist (happens a lot on 8tracks)