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room mix

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@mau ya same, i’ve been saving textfiles of everything i liked. Spotify just dosent cut it for me idk. I hope everyone takes the time to spend what little time they have on 8tracks before it leaves.

@mau i really felt this :( ever since i found out about the news I've been downloading playlists like crazy :( you have a Spotify? my user is audreyfrhorn

@tenuou.s i think 8tracks ate my comment. D: but i followed you! i've been saving text files all day since i don't trust spotify to move everything over. and for anyone else reading this who may need help finding someone when trying to refollow people: go to your profile, click the 3 dots, share > copy spotify URI down at the bottom. people can take this URI, put it into the spotify search bar, and find your profile (mine is spotify:user:8ao2cuaugp4qzg407dcchq06d if anyone's interested).