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school ew


im so done with my mock examinations and i have my GCSEs/CIEs later im so annoyed!
If background noise is a problem for you, try headphones or listening to music to help you focus. Good luck with all your exams and homework :)

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awesome mix! i know most of you will ignore this but if you have time it would mean a lot if you could check out my new mix called escape it all im not asking for likes im just asking to check it out but if you happen to like it then haha click the like button (: im sorry if i annoyed anyone

This probably sounds weird to you, but what I like most about this mix is that I don't know most off the songs, so I won't get distracted when I'm working. x

it doesnt sound weird at all actually! that way you wont start dancing and singing along to the song you know tbh thats great!