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so currently i'm reading the book divergent by veronica roth & i found this playlist she put in the back of the book of songs that inspired her, so i decided to put it on my ipod and here because the music is great and has a great edge in most of the songs.
and the movie comes out in march with the girl from the secret life of the american teenager, so you could listen to this to prepare yourself for the movie too i guess.

9 tracks
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aw thank you so much! the book is really great and i found this playlist she made really helps get you into the book. have you read the books by any chance?

I read the first two but haven't gotten around to reading the third. The end's already been spoiled for me so I'm not in too big of a hurry anymore! :)

aaah well thankfully it hasn't been spoiled for me! but i read the first two and i need to get the 3rd but there's a huge waiting list for it at my school and my town's library :O but hopefully i get it soon because the ending of the second one threw me off :p

My library is in the same situation. :( I think I might give in and just buy the book but I think I have better things to spend the money on. I'm not so happy with the ending and TBH I'm bitter about it. Hopefully it's not so bad as it sounds.

i understand that completely! i want to buy thebook but i have to save up for college and i hope the ending isn't as bad as everyone keeps telling me it is.