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Eres ☾


A few of my favorite Spanish love songs. I tried annotating each song for those who want to listen to these songs but don't really know the language (for that I admire you.)

Check this playlist out on spotify! Simply look up zarritos on spotify and look for this playlist by the name!

  • Eres... Cafe tacuba by Antonela Id
    The speaker expresses how his lover is everything he loves (that's a lot of love in one sentence.) Just an expression of how much someone can mean, and what they're willing to do for them.
  • Mi Corazoncito by Aventura
    This group, Aventura has a lot of great songs (including this one, there's 2 from them on this playlist.) This one has the speaker telling his lover that his "corazoncito" (little heart) has fallen for her, but he doesn't want anyone to know, since he's afraid the lover does not share the same feelings toward him. He goes on to say that he'll make believe that they share a great relationship even though she doesn't feel the same way.
  • De Mi by Camila
    A complete turn from their song "Abrazame," this song shows the singer lamenting and getting frustrated at over their lover made them fall hard for them, only to disappoint them. Now the singer wonders how he will try and forget, even though it's apparent the singer is still in love.
  • Solo Por Un Beso by Aventura
    Probably their most popular song (along with 'Obsession') this one is about how a simple kiss can make you fall in love. Really.
  • No Me Queda Mas (New Version) by Selena
    Although I really prefer the original version, this Selena song is her saying that while she was in love with her friend, she is content with his happiness even if he is with another girl. "No Me Queda Mas," is her heartbreak over what could've been and how she will always treasure their relationship.
  • La de la mala suerte by Jesse & Joy
    Joy speaks about how she is tired of being the weaker one and wishes to be the strong one when relationships go wrong. She goes on about her being the one with bad luck.
  • Es Por Tí by Juanes
    The song title literally means "It's for you." Juanes shows that his lover is his weakness and everything he does is for her. Just another of those "this is why I love you" songs.
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