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8 Tracks For 7 Days (16.09.13)


Just trying out this 8tracks thing. A (hopefully) weekly mix of music I've discovered in that week.

1- Dreamy, folky USS (Uninspired Short Song)
2- Like a Glaswegian Black Keys
3- Acoustic ensemble with Brit-pop influence
4- A simple songwriting style, he laments in song form
5- Tracks convey the narrative of screenplay also written by them
6- I don't understand Spanish. But it's really catchy and about Geography
7- Clean-shaven country
8- Reminiscent of Passenger (the band, not the singer)

  • USS 5 (Gone, an old whalewolf song) by Astronaut Husband
  • Soldiers and Vagabonds by The Red Show
  • The Way It's Gonna Be by joVean
  • Collections of Dreams by Dave Connis
  • Toksa by "Finn"
  • TU GEOGRAFÍA by Indios
  • Those Wheels Carried Me West by Humbug Volunteers
  • Summer Sun (Now You've Won) by Boy With An Atlas
8 tracks
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