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actually, we DO need maps where we're going


you know how as a kid you read peter pan and decided to join the lost boys?

not THOSE lost boys, but those kids who'd done stuff. who were COOL. who walked around like they owned the world and had seen it all. sitting on cliffs and picnic tables with an air of greatness that you could never quite place. you barely knew them, but you'd trust them with your life.

your older brother joined them back when he ran away from home, and came back greater and wiser. so why couldn't you? if you tried hard enough, if you passed all their tests (the specifics of which you never understood, but there HAD to be tests- that's how things went) could be a part of that team. that life. easy.

you should be glad you never did.
i would know.

mix for Abe Akai from TPP
part idc of a series

12 tracks
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