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any given catastrophe


my philosophy? there's a difference between a person "acting" and "being acted upon", and i don't mean in a free will sort of sense, i mean that when you think of me and the things i did or the things that they did or the things that They did or what happened to her or what happened to me or what happened to us and what happened to us and what happened to u--

oh, there i go again. that's not much of an introduction, is it? i'm Evan. nice to meet you. my mind is kind of a mess no matter how much i organize it. i care a lot about my friends. i'm not the type to give up. i've accomplished a lot of things. i've also gotten in the way of accomplishing a lot of things. like i said. i'm kind of a walking disaster.

-playlist for Evan from TPP-
-part you know what? stop counting of a series-

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