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Struck By You (A Doozy/Arin mix)


A slightly flustered, slightly flirty, lovestuck trio turned duo.

For Alligator-jigglin-fever's crystal grumps AU, which is sweet and angst filled and gives me life. Mix could be considered Doozy/Arin or more simply Dan/Arin/Suzy. Dan, Arin and Suzy are not in a relationship in Gator's AU, its just a personal ship of mine. Doozy/Arin on the other hand, is a often joked about one that i adore and personally ship.

Partner mix with a Darin/Suzy mix and a Hunie/dan mix i'm working on.

12 tracks
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@jarin.crystal.grumps Thank you! I've actually been finishing up the next mix (College is killing me lol) and all i have left to do for it is the art! :) The next one is a Darin/suzy mix :D Thanks for the comment!!