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The leather on your skin is as soft as butter, and the wine in your cup is the best one can find in all of Thedas. The bartender is whispering sweet nothings to a woman beside you, while she caresses his waist... Or is she picking his pocket? As you look down at the bar, a crude carving of a crow stares back at you as a warning.

Welcome to Antiva.

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omg i love the mix, but with 8track's new layout, 'the crows; a deadly plot' has an image of trevor morris' face in the bar below and its so funny oh my gosh

This mix is so gorgeous and perfect, you had me at the first ten seconds of the first track :) For an odd moment I suddenly visualized myself as Brother Genitivi though, going through Thedas and experiencing all these things so he could write it down in a Codex meant for the future HOF/HOK/Inquisitor to read. Lol!

This is the most perfect mix I've ever heard. Way to nail it!! 100% Genuine Antivan. I utterly adore it and second that if I close my eyes it definitely feels as though I am there myself. Marvelous job!!