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Awesome playlist ! Love it ! Thanks ! ...
... Apart from the chic pic which according to me, errs a little on the cheap side... I mean, did it really needed to be so ? ... call me "feminist" ;-) just meant to mention...
It does not take away anything from the music though !

I think it sums up the mix nicely...beauty and music, you shouldn't assume the worse. Also thanks for the feedback.

Oh well, seen that way - ei beauty - than in a way, I do agree... I guess I looked too far and over-interpreted ;-) ! So bottom line : awesome mix ! It keeps me going while working on my PhD dissertation ! I even shared it with one of my PhD friend !
So thanks again and... keep it up, I be delighted to hear some other of your playlists !

about the feminist comment. so far I heard 3 tracks from the playlist and I like it but the picture choice could have been more creative

@Aboodi : Indeed... But the playlist is really really plain awesome ! And well, the "author" did somehow apologize... Though I admit that there's so many plenty of pictures to pick from that it could have been more... well, creative as you put it ! ;-)