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Dubstep - Harmonious to Dirty.


Generally more complicated dubstep with more intricacies than just a wobbling bass.
This playlist goes from a more harmonious dubstep, artist by artist to dirtier dubstep that is much more rhythm oriented. Some of the more notable tunes are (because it does not allow track titles or artists, I'll use leetspeak) CR4ZY and L1GHTS by KL4YP3X, SHOW M3 4 S1GN by MOD3ST3P, 4LT3R3D D1M3NS1ONS by FON1K, D1SCO R4NG3RS by SKR1LL3X, and PUMP 1T by SUBV1B3.

25 tracks
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this is a bomb ass mix... you should more playlists, you've got a knack for finding the best in dubstep, besides just wobbling bass

I would make more dubstep playlists if I knew more good dubstep. I will probably make some other genre playlists though.