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Songs for a Rebellion [A Hunger Games Trilogy OST]


Relive the most memorable moments of the books through sounds, lyrics, and melodies reminiscent of the Hunger Games characters and their world. Thirty-six tracks including music from Arcade Fire, Florence + the Machine, & Mumford & Sons. (First published at thg-music on tumblr in March 2012.)

[NOTE: Descriptions contain spoilers]

37 tracks
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I cant believe how great this mix is! Thank you for making it and putting in where you see the song fitting with the books. So fantastic.

Yay! Glad you enjoyed the descriptions, I always find it helpful to know the thoughts behind the song choice to connect it back to the source. We're continuing this format at thg-music.tumblr.com, if you want to follow along. We've started on a 2nd mix which should be posted in the near future. :)