Zion Lion
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I like to sing to the Earth, I like to hold her.


...She likes to sing to me, she likes to hold me. Earth my body, Water my blood, Fire my Spirit.

This is what home sounds like to me.
Hope you enjoy it.

Aho Metakiase ♥

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@ZionLion Hey! Sorry I mistook fairyology as a religion back then! And guess who this is!!!
I'm the pansexual girl from a little while back from your YouTube! Man its nice to talk to ya! Oh and I've also determined myself not to be religious, but I practice witchcraft. I studied it more and found out it wasn't a religion, just a practice. Anyways lots of love coming your way!!!

@Zion Lion I don't know if you'll read this, but after I listened to this playlist it inspired me to look up witchcraft and wicca and etc. It became a part of my life and I loved it. a couple of months ago I came back on here and realized you had a youtube account, so I watched your videos about being vegan and your religion of Faerie. I. Fell. In. Looooooove. I then decided to not eat meat because of your videos and I went to an environmental school. I unfortunately can't be vegetarian or vegan because my body isn't strong enough to do that. So i'm currently pescetarian/vegetarian (I'm darn close). I told my grandfather that I was Wiccan, and right after he told me, he told my grandmother something in her ear and she left. She came In the room with a blue packet/bag thing. I was curious what was in there, and she opened it. They were tarot cards.

@Boomie oh wow! Ive only just read your comment! Thank you so much for sharing that ♥ it means the world to me....if you want to let go of animal products dont give up, i promise you your body is ready for it, in fact we are frugivores, it´s much easier for your body to live of plants than animal products, we just gotta learn how to do it properly. I love Fairyology but its not a religion, im not religious...hahaha Sending so much love your way! you´re got the witch vibes :) LOVE IT!