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As I Lay Here, Straining Against My Bonds


I've been reading far too much Sunstone and I needed to get it out of my system somehow. Also there wasn't ANY Sunstone playlists, HOW CAN THAT HAPPEN?!

*please go read Sunstone if you haven't, it's written by Stjepan Sejic and it will make your life better*

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@zipperpeople Sunstone is one of the best comics ever! It is a shame there aren't more playlists like this. And I have friends who have read 50 shades of gray and give me a weird look for recommend them The Suntone. I don't know what to say. There are only 7 shades of gray in philology and 256 different intensities of gray in colour palette. Now my thoughts about the comic:"... stereotypes are tools of the lazy mind.. and one of the ideas behind this story is to dispel at least some of them.."; lets not talk much about it , it is just awesome.

The comic is a masterpiece and it's a crying shame there aren't more playlists. I kind of want to just grab Lisa and shake her sometimes; "Just fucking spit it out!!" And I find I really like Alan. I get so offended on his behalf when people start yelling at him lol. Leave my ginger Sephiroth alone! Anyway it's on my to-buy list in the new year. Maybe I'll even whip up (heh) a playlist of my own.

"[...] I know this... I feel more free than I've ever felt in my life. So Hell yeah, I'mma enjoy that fruit!" Very nice, I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought this awesome comic deserved a playlist (still working on mine at the time of this post XP). The overall dynamic feel of this playlist sounds like something you might here at The Crimson during a performance of something. Definitely glad I found this, instant fave for Sunstone alone, doubly so for the musical choice :D.

@JamesMagus Oh my god that comment just made my night!!!!!!! I'm so happy to have someone actually finish the quote like oh man, best moment lol! It's so nice to see I'm not the only Sunstone lover in the world! It's so rare to talk to one

@zipperpeople I know what you mean, it's hard to find someone else who likes the story, let alone try and recommend it to someone as something they should check out because it's such a great comic. Just thinking about it makes me want Vol. 5 to come out faster so we can read more, and then have "Mercy" with Alan & Anne to look forward to, and "Jaspith" with Marion and James after that. Gah, Stjepan's just too good at what he does (lol XP)!

@JamesMagus I can't tell you how many times I've tried to explain it to people and they look at me like I'm crazy! The moment you mention anything to do with real BDSM people seem to immediately discount it and usually you, it's brutal. I'm so excited for Mercy! I absolutely adore Alan so seeing him in a more dominant position is going to be great!

@zipperpeople Exactly! I can't tell you how many times I've gotten the side-eye from friends when I recommend this series, like I'm crazy or something. It's like the stigma's gotten even worse with the advent of 50 Shades of Inaccuracy (lol XP). At least we've got stories like Sunstone, Mercy, and Nana To Kaoru that actually know what they're talking about. And yeah, I'm also looking forward to seeing Alan as a Dom again, and to see how his relationship with Anne grows. Heh, I'm hoping we get to see him in that awesome outfit from Stjepan's art (the latex (or is it leather) barechested trenchcoat that makes him look kinda like a ginger Sephiroth, lol XP), as well as that ice rig he had Anne in at one point. To quote Alan and Ally, "Ice is fun." XD

@JamesMagus Everything you just wrote I 10000000% agree with! I absolutely head over heels adore that outfit and the whole ice idea. And my first thought when I saw that art was him as Sephiroth! He's definatly final boss material! I'm also really looking forward to all of Mercy, as much as I love Ally and Lisa I want to see more Alan and I'm really interested in the whole story with Alan's ex and I think his name is James? I'm trying to add to more to the accurate stories but so far it's been slow going lol.

@zipperpeople Yeah, that's right, his name's James. I think the arc with him and Marion will be an interesting one, given his interests in genderplay and Marion's slow transition back into the scene (hopefully a little wiser after her *ahem* blunder) and finding that dominant side of herself. But yeah, the stories with Alan and Anne are definitely gonna be fun. Given his inventive mind, I can only imagine what kinds of fun Alan will have in store for Anne. If the ice rig comic and the one with the pressure-sensitive toy are anything to go off of, readers- especially doms- are gonna walk away from Mercy with a whole slew of ideas and inspiration for sessions/play.

@JamesMagus Yea I'm really looking forward to seeing how Marion does because up until I saw the few things from Mercy I wasn't a fan of her's but I'm hopeful because I really like what I've seen of James so far. I'm really interested to hear Mercy inspired ideas but I mean for that I would need to find Doms to talk to lol, but sunstone has given me far too many ideas to start with lol!

@zipperpeople Same here, I'm hoping she gets a happy ending like the rest of the cast- though from some of the bits we get outside Lisbeth's writing their story, it sounds like she's pulled through okay. I get the feeling James will be good for her, and talking with the group will help. And yes, so many ideas! But sadly, no one to talk to and no experience to speak of outside Sunstone and that one fic I keep wanting to write but can never seem to get off the group (some pics I've commissioned for it are on my tumblr though). Thanks for the follows by the way, and sorry I keep cluttering up your playlist's comments section with Sunstone gushing (lol XP).

@JamesMagus Oh my god no don't apologize I'm quite enjoying our chats! I'm currently writing a 'series' about bondage and all this kinda stuff so I could always use another set of eyes and I would be super happy to help if you ever needed to bounce ideas off of. I'm kinda struggling with writing stuff for the Dom considering I can't relate it lol! And by the way you're tumblr is awesome.

@zipperpeople Thanks, I'm glad you enjoy it; I really enjoy these chats too :D. I know what you mean with struggling to write for this sort of thing. Most of the blurbs on the art I mentioned (which are on the tumblr and my nsfw one if you look up "Bovira" (Bolin + Kuvira) if you're interested) are penned on a spur-of-the-moment burst of inspiration, I have no idea how I'd work it into a full fic XD. For Dom stuff, you might look up Nana To Kaoru if you haven't already, as it sometimes shows a little more of the prep work that goes into making a scene work, like in one instance how to treat a hemp rope to be used safely in play. There's also a pet play "arc," which is just downright adorable

@JamesMagus 'm a huuuuuuuuge fan of Nana To Kaoru! And no matter how hard I've looked I can't find the Borvira (I spent like an hour and idk if my internet skills are just sucking today or what but I can't seem to find it)! I managed to get a little bit of help with my Dom writing but it's still lacking but it's a work in progress that will probably never see the light of tumblr XD

@zipperpeople Huh, I think that happened to me a while back too when I tried to look it up as well- maybe because I don't have my main blog listed as having nsfw stuff on it because I rarely reblog that sort of thing there. I can message you a link to it there or something via the site's IM if you'd like. And glad to hear you're making progress with your writing :D. I'm sure it'll be great when all is said and done, even if it never sees the light of tumblr (lol XP).

@JamesMagus Yea if you could that would be great I really want to see! It So far it's one of those things that I made a blog for under the impression that I'll post them but at the same time I keep telling myself that it would be crazy to post them lol, it's a crunundrum

@zipperpeople Just sent them your way a moment ago :D. Sorry for the late reply, by the way, I had some irl stuff to take care of yesterday, so I was a bit distracted XD.