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Black Sheep ♈ a doomed Aradia fanmix


FAA: a future self returning t0 the past fr0m a d00med timeline will always be slated f0r imminent destructi0n herself
FAA: its 0ne 0f the rules
FAA: and the unf0rtunate reality is
FAA: this will and has already been a mass suicide missi0n

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i copied almost all of the annotations into trollme and put them side by side in order and

hell0 again friend 0f a friend i knew y0u when
0ur c0mm0n g0al was waiting f0r the w0rld t0 end
a th0usand v0ices making all the mistakes
the fire escapes and this c0de must break
turn back the hands 0f the cl0ck
ill turn int0 a pillar 0f salt
a m0th flying int0 the same 0ld flame again
it never ends
tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick
lately i have been screaming fr0m lungs that a t0ngue w0nt f0ll0w
lately i have been
lets just keep fighting the end 0f the w0rld
we will h0ld hands and we will make plans f0r life
and this time theyre playing ride 0f the valkyries
with n0 semblance 0f grace 0r ease
cl0ck is ticking while im killing time spinning all ar0und
n0thing else that y0u can d0 t0 turn it back
but well stand tall well dance them d0wn
well burn and fry bef0re we fall