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Zoé's Friendship Playlist :D


This is a playlist that Zoé can listen to if she's missing me or anyone from Minnesota! This is just a collection of songs that remind me (Brooke) of all the months we've spent together :D and by the way, some of these songs may not be directly about friendship but maybe just positive things to make you happy! Or a couple of these are also romantic songs but they're cute you know? So they're just meant to make me smile! Tons and tons and tons of love!

  • You Make Me Smile By Uncle Cracker by summertimelove93
  • Count on Me by Bruno Mars
  • Just The Way You Are + Just A Dream [Official Soundtrack] by Pitch Perfect
  • Friends theme song by Jakes Venter
  • Tanganyikumba by Gip
  • Perfect Two (Acoustic) by Auburn
  • The Sun Is Rising by Britt Nicole
  • Hakuna Matata by Vibe
  • The Barden Bellas (Pitch Perfect 2) by Flashlight
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