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higher ideals / bigger disappointments

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I really appreciate this mix. It's both a wonderful analysis of Muna and Iwa's conflicting ideologies as well as a tribute to who they are as men and the relationship they could have built if granted more time. Excellent work!

@hypotensedaemon Ahhh thank you so much! I enjoyed their brief time onscreen together, and I wish that we'd gotten a chance to see them interact as leaders, not merely as fighters on the battlefield. As much as I... uh, wholeheartedly disagree with Iwa, lol, I think the world that the Kings were trying to build should've had a place for him and Nagare.. (and I just... really want Hot Nerd Dads: The Fic)

@zoestertoaster Agreed, lol! I could watch them philosophically debate and banter back and forth for hours. No need to whip out the swords, gentlemen, unless you're really in the heat of passion... (But in all seriousness, I also think that Iwa and Nagare still had a chance. There would have been a place for them in Munakata's world, alas...) You should totally write Hot Nerd Dads: The Fic! I'd read the hell out of that, lol.

@hypotensedaemon I will complain probably forever about how it would have been a much better and more interesting and complex story if they'd survived and ok yes. I really want to. XD and I will! it's definitely going on my list of fics to write once i'm done with my fic exchange fic and the Cozy Mystery Starring Seri I'm trying to write but uhh i just realized you've been following me for ages on my RP blog omg. I was sure your username sounded familiar...

@zoestertoaster Yesssss. Can't everyone just live for once and learn to coexist?? And ha, yes, I do indeed follow you! That's how I found this playlist actually! :D OMG I'm intrigued tho...where is your fic posted??

@hypotensedaemon Ah sorry! I'm still... working on it lol. I'm not yet done enough with the Seri Cozy Mystery to post a first chapter even, though I might post an excerpt since I've worked on it a little. Dx And the fic exchange thing won't be revealed until February 14th! XD So unfortunately nothing is completed and I tend to focus more on my RP blog than any full-length fics, lol.