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vampy doo-wop [karen's musings]


a playlist for the music ringing in the ears of a rotten creature as she suckles down the sweet capillary fluids of some fucker in the streets. her face says "feed" but her thoughts say "and what song shall i dance to with my lover tonight?"

(hi im garbage and i made a mix for my oc)

the cover art is by me!! it took 11 minutes to pull it out my fuck ign ass,

  • Teeth by Lady Gaga
    trickle goes the crimson liquid down karen's chin like the summer tinted juice of a watermelon dribbled down the face of a child
  • I Hold Your Hand in Mine by Mr. Cerutti
    sickly romance blossoms in marci's small apartment as she dances with her beau and tries her very hardest to ignore the smell of rot and wonders what will become of her
  • Venus In Furs MP3 by The Courtesans
    "now BLEED FOR ME"
  • La vie en rose by Louis Armstrong
    marci leaves the record player blaring as she chants "i do love her i do love her i do love her she is normal we are normal i am human she is human human human i love her i swear-"
  • Simon and Garfunkel Cecilia by James Rhys
    (this is karris fav song bc shes an ass who loves simon and garfunkel fight me)
  • Footnote to Howl by Allen Ginsberg (not kid friendly!)
    "holy holy holy"
  • Vatican Rag song by admans
    "ave maria, gee it's good to see ya!"
  • Edith Piaf by Édith Piaf
    a waltz of rotting flesh and tender girlhood
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