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i'll take your word


happy birthday Laura!! since I don't have any blank CDs with me to make an actual mixtape, I figured an 8tracks playlist was the next best thing.
this isn't necessarily a soundtrack to your life,, it's more of a, um, a Laura fanmix. which is a lot less cool and expansive than a soundtrack, but it's what i have to offer :^V
there's a lot of problems with this idea, the biggest one being that I've only listened to like. 20 songs in my whole life. (and I've already told you about 19 of them. and you probably wrote the 20th.) so picking just a handful of songs that really said "a 19-year-old musically gifted astronaut who can also dance very well" was a challenge.
nonetheless I hope you enjoy! have lots of fun today, I love and miss you!!!!

9 tracks
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