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Feels Like Something New


The latest tracks, the people you need to know, the people who deserve to have about 20 grammy's, the people who are gonna stay stuck in your head for the rest of your days. Just like Imagine Dragons, these guys are the next big deal.

No, not guys, not people. They're artists.

Brilliant, professional, talented, artists.

  • Weekends by United Limits
  • Rolling Stone by Reuben And The Dark
  • Horses Fell by The Darcys
  • "Way About You" by [Indie-pop / Vocals]
  • Language (United Limits Remix ft. Krewella) [Free Download!] by Porter Robinson
  • "Wilderness" by [Indie / Folk / Thoughtful]
  • Fireworks (Original Mix) [Free Download] by United Limits
  • Teenage Icon by The Vaccines
  • The Backpack Song by Bear Attack!
9 tracks
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