8tracks is a community founded on curation, authentic interaction, and the principle that music is personal. Listeners love 8tracks for its depth of selection, which leads to less repetition and higher-quality music discovery. Our audience is mostly aged 18-24 — a higher concentration than any other digital music service — and has the best music taste around (we'll admit we're biased).

8tracks offers brands a unique, native, interactive marketing platform. You can use 8tracks to create your own profile and series of mixes to communicate the essence of your brand, musically, to an audience of 6 million and growing. Connect with your fans on a direct and personal level — then extend your curatorial reach across the web, using our embeddable player.

Brands can also take advantage of sponsored mix competitions, in which 8tracks DJs create their own mixes around a theme (e.g. holiday, event, mood, activity, genre) that matches elements of a brand's identity and current promotional campaign.

Read examples below of rewarding interactions we've created for a variety of brands, including travel, fashion and electronics companies. Contact us here to get started.

Moonrise Kingdom

Wes Anderson and his filmmaking team engaged 8tracks to promote the release of Moonrise Kingdom via an innovative campaign centered around custom playlists "created" by each major character in the film. In coordination with a high-impact display ad campaign, 8tracks promoted the playlists on its homepage, mobile apps, and social media channels. The playlists lived on a custom-branded Moonrise Kingdom page on 8tracks, where they received over 75,000 mix plays and 175,000 pageviews.

The campaign also leveraged 8tracks' newly built embeddable player, capable of aggregating multiple playlists into a single widget that can be embedded on other sites (such as Moonrise Kingdom's own site), and which also can run as a standard 300x600 ad unit.


During the U.S.'s annual men's college basketball tournament, 8tracks hosted a "Mix Madness" competition sponsored by Valvoline, in which players from each of the four tournament finalists contributed competing playlists. 8tracks' audience voted for the team with the best musical taste, with voting taking place on a Valvoline-branded landing page made to look like a tournament-style bracket. Over just one weekend, the playlists accumulated 35,000+ plays and 1,000+ likes. 8tracks sourced and promoted the playlists in partnership with Dial Global, the terrestrial radio network broadcasting the tournament games.

Comedy Central

8tracks partnered with Comedy Central to help promote Season 2 of the television show Workaholics. Together, we coordinated an advertising and social media campaign around mixes created by the show's 3 main characters. Traffic from co-branded, in-house ads as well as strategic social media campaigns allowed us to reach over 1m people in a two week period.

FootLocker & Adidas

8tracks partnered with FootLocker Australia to host a mixtape competition in which users competed to make the best mixtape representing their crew. 8tracks built a custom XML feed in order to aggregate all contest entries into a custom-branded Facebook page. The creator of the winning mix won an original Volkswagen Kombi van customized by Adidas.

Sony and

Sony offered a set of PIIQ headphones to DJs who created mixes inspired by fashion posted on, a hot fashion site where users rank looks from others and submit their own. This highly targeted contest raised awareness about Sony's stylish new music lovers.

Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone For its 2010 Playlist Issue, Rolling Stone compiled artist-curated playlists, e.g. Hip Hop's Best Lyricists by Nas. These mixes are hosted on 8tracks and embedded on Rolling Stone's website. The magazine also drove users to create their own playlists, promoted on their blog. 8tracks offered Rolling Stone both a legal music-hosting platform and a participatory feature for readers.

Joie de Vivre

This California hotel chain and its partners offered a variety of prizes to DJs who published and generated the most "likes" on mixes around the "California Roadtrip" theme. The contest drove brand awareness during the peak summer travel season.

American Family Insurance

8tracks helped AFI reach a set of targeted geographic markets and deliver its brand's message in the form of customized, locally relevant musical programming. The campaign took advantage of 8tracks embedded player, which powered a flight of interactive ad units geotargeted to key regional markets. The campaign resulted in 8,000+ hours of listening to AFI's playlists, and 1,000+ mix "likes" from 8tracks community.