8tracks Music Apps

The 8tracks radio on the go with one of our free music apps available on almost every major device! We have official apps used by millions of people around the globe as well as a host of 3rd party apps created using our public API.

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8tracks for iOS

Listen to 8tracks mixes on your iPhone or iPod touch.

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8tracks for Android

Listen to 8tracks mixes on your Android device.

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8tracks for Blackberry

Listen to 8tracks on your Blackberry smartphone or tablet.

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8tracks for Xbox

Listen to 8tracks on your Xbox. Browse playlists, explore tags, like mixes, and follow DJs using the Kinect or controller on our TV interface.

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8tracks Windows 8 app

Listen to 8tracks mixes on your Windows 8 device.

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8tracks Mac uploader

Make your playlists in iTunes, then drag and drop them directly into 8tracks.

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8tracks Mobile web UI

Browse and listen to 8tracks on your mobile device. Our mobile website currently supports iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Share your 8tracks mixes on Facebook and Twitter and your friends can listen directly through their mobile apps.

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8tracks radio Wordpress plugin

Power your Wordpress.org blog with the 8tracks plugin by by Jonathan Martin. Embed mixes in your posts or as a sidebar widget. Or show your latest mixes with the collections embed. Available in the Wordpress plugin directory.

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8tracks radio Joomla module

Integrate 8tracks with your Joomla site using our 8tracks module by Emir Sakic. Customize the embed player to fit your needs, then add the module wherever you want. It's easy to install & use, and best of all it's free.

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Aha Radio

Aha brings 8tracks radio to your car radio safely and easily. Available on the App store and Google Play.

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Control 8tracks with your phone or tablet. Apptui lets you pause/play, skip and like tracks from anywhere.

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Use Gsound next time you hear a song or TV show you want to identify, and not only will it trainspot the track, it will you present you with a list of related 8tracks mixes that sound just like what you heard. Available on iOS.

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WeatherJams is a simple music discovery app based on your current or personally selected weather powered by the 8tracks API, available on iOS and Android.

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Infinitracks is an 8tracks player for Android from Smithy Productions. It features a beautiful full-screen player, tag and artist browsing, and complete logged-in functionality, including your mix feed, collections, and favorite tracks.

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8tracks Radio for Mac

8tracks Radio is a light and gorgeous 8tracks application that lives in your Menu Bar and in very few steps you can dive into your favorite mixes.

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8tracks for Windows Phone

A Windows phone Mango app by Gary Roumanis. Music + Video Hub and Marketplace integration, as well as background playback and live tile display info.

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An unofficial Windows phone app by Softwell. Slick design, advanced tag browsing, and integration with Music Hub and Marketplace.

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Flat Beats

An unofficial Windows phone app by Flatliner DOA. Free and ad-free. Includes background play, easy home screen access, and integrated Zune music marketplace search.

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WebOS app

Gabe Testa built a pretty sweet WebOS app for Palm. He even open-sourced the code on github.