A long playlist of some solo piano, solo cello and some of the two combined. Perfect focus music for a long night of studying. Enjoy, and good luck! Try listening to this with http://www.rainymood.com.

Thanks for so many likes! You all have great taste in music :) Check out my other instrumental playlists if you want more study music!

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Of all the views this playlist has, I bet at least 1000 are from me alone. I always return to this one when in doubt.


Absolutely wonderful! I have chromecasted rainymood or calm.com to the bigscreen with this playing. Perfect.


ur playlist is as beautiful as u r :) thank you


I will probably never stop listening to this playlist. It's put together just right. Beautiful.


This is the perfect mix for really hard study sessions. I'm listening to it while studying immunology. It's the only thing preventing me from making a bonfire out of my textbooks. Thank you soooo much! :)


This is so useful, I listen to it whenever I need to be super-focused... I like it a lot better than other classical mixes because they tend to be jarring sometimes. With just the piano and/or cello on most of the songs, it's pleasant listening while not distracting me from what I need to do.


Thanks. It's really did help me get through the homework.


Good stuff. But needs a bit more cello/strings