Electro Swing is a musical genre fusing swing styles with modern production techniques... Enjoy! (21 tracks)

Djs from US, UK, France, Belgium and Italy.

Electro Swing World Champion live: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlsGsd2YfSw&feature=related

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Hi.I am from pakistan and I'm a student..Im doing an event where my group is representing italy and I need music.I have no idea about modern italian music.I was wondering if you could make a playlist for me with awesome italian music or tell me a couple of songs..please reply ASAP! thanks alot :)

stuff that can be played in clubs or parties..songs people can dance to! trance, electro, pop..whatever!
I am sorry I have no idea about italian music..from whatever I have heard it's all really soft and slow..Please help me out I'll be in your debt forever ;)
I need the playlist before 18th if it's possible!and it should be like 2 hours long because my event is gonna last for 8 hours or more...

ARE YOU SERIOUS! OMG! You are absolutely the best! thankyou so much! you are absolutely the best! thankyou for helping a stranger from across the globe! Man, you're awesome!

and please name the playlist "GLOBALITZ" because that's the name of my event :)
thanks again! you're seriously THE BEST!
and I promise I will definitely announce quite a few times during the event who made a special playlist for our italian group! :D

hey it's okay if your busy you can give me the playlist before 22nd april if you want to take time! :)
Thanks again! You are absolutely awesome! I can't thank you enough!